Happy Birthday, America.

So I am currently sitting in my hotel room at the Disney All-Star Sports Resort and this place is crazy.  Giant footballs, helmets, baseball bats, and tennis rackets EVERYWHERE!  There is an almost-full-length football field in between some of the buildings and at least three pools (that I’ve seen so far).  The one next to my building is shaped like a baseball diamond and the shower curtain in my bathroom is also plastered in jersey-clad Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.  It’s all so beautiful.

I’m sharing my room with Sara, who is from Mexico City.  She’s also going to be a Youth Activities Counselor (yay, now I have someone to bond with!) and so far she has been lovely.

Today is a free day, no training yet, so I’m planning on lounging around the pool like our Founding Fathers intended and I can only assume that Disney’s production budget will allow for a spectacular fireworks display – here’s to hoping I can score a high five from Goofy before the night is over.


One thought on “HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

  1. gotta collect them all!

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