July 6th- Welcome Aboard!

I’ve probably heard that phrase well over a hundred times today, but it hasn’t gotten old yet.

The day began with us waking up bright and early at 3:30am this morning in order to catch our bus to Port Canaveral (a good hour’s drive from the resort).  But before leaving, the other YAC girls and I made good friends with the man at the concierge desk, who was very excited for us to begin our new jobs and ended up giving us all flowers and Disney coloring books for the ride (score!).  Although our bus driver told us that we should all be napping, he actually then proceeded to give a surprisingly detailed tour of Floridian wildlife (“Look at all the alligators over there!” and “I think that’s some kind of pig in the grass on the left”).

After arriving at the port and getting a spectacular view of our new home, we, along with our luggage, proceeded to be sniffed by the most adorable drug dog ever.  Once the oversized puppy decided that we didn’t pose any threats, we finally got to walk across the gangway onto the Disney Fantasy.  Welcome Aboard!

As we began the first of many many many training sessions, our first order of business was adding a slight modification to our name tags.  We each received a ribbon that attached to our name tags saying that we were still in the process of “Earning My Ears.”  This ribbon is basically a get out of jail free card for being a bumbling idiot during the first week.  But it also means that anyone that looks at you instantly knows that you’re one of the newbies and calls out “Welcome Aboard!”  It’s almost turned into a game at this point with the rest of our training group (there’s 16 of us in all, with jobs including Characters Manager, Assistant Chef, Merchandising Assoc., and Wait Staff) to see how many people will acknowledge us with “Welcome Aboard!”

After being led on three different tours of various parts of the ship, I think I’m getting the hang of navigating I-95 (the main crew passageway) and all the confusing hallways, stairways and elevators.  But I definitely don’t think I’ll start exploring shortcuts anytime soon, it’s still waaaaay too easy to get turned around and lost – even when you have a map of the place.

Today’s Highlights:

–          My roommate is actually one of the other YAC girls that I’m training with right now! Her name is Mel (short for Melissa – woah, what a co-ink-y-dink) and she’s from Australia.  Super nice and super cool.  It’s definitely a good match.

–          Our cabins are just as hideously small as I expected.

–          We got fitted for our costumes – yellow polo shirts with blue elastic-band pants that practically come up to your rib cage.  Sexy.  Once we receive our uniforms tomorrow/Monday I might decide to grace the world with a picture…or I might decide to personally burn all photographic evidence.

–          Group picture with all the Disney Characters on board!


Oooookay, starting at the top, left to right: Ryan (Florida, Characters Manager), Richard (France, Assistant Chef at Remy Restaurant (REALLY nice and extra expensive), Christopher ( France, Waiter), Sukran (Bali, …I don’t know), Vijay (India, ….I don’t know), Lionel (India, Bartender), Lee (UK, Food & Beverage Manager/Trainer), Eidel (Honduras, Kitchen Staff), Sara (Mexico, YAC), ME, Rosa (Ohio, Nursery), Mel (Australia, Nursery), Olena(Ukraine, Photographer), Roxanne (Jamaica, Merchandising), Laura (UK, Waitress), Alice (Utah, YAC)

Welcome Aboard!


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