4 Days = 3/4 Episode of Smallville

Dear Uncle Bill (and everyone else), sorry for the week of radio silence.  Yes, I’ve been excruciatingly busy.  For the last few days I’ve been working roughly 9am-midnight every day, so I’m pooped.  Aaaaand I’m sick – damn kids.   But whatevs, I’m stocked up on Dayquil and Halls, so I’ll deal.  This week has certainly been hectic and crazy.

This past week was filled with a ton of training sessions as well as floor work.  We had a training on how to deploy the life rafts (we don’t get to go in the fancy shmancy life boats), which was pretty cool, and we also got to watch some pretty fantastic 90s style safety videos.  Our training sessions for Youth Activities have been super information overload, so I’m kind of nervous for when we have to get tested on everything in a couple of weeks.  But we’ve also been working on the YA floors more and more throughout the week.  In fact, as of this past Saturday, HR training has officially ended and we now work 100% in the YA spaces.

There’s a ton of really cool programs that happen throughout the Lab/Club spaces every day.  My favorites are Once Upon A Time, where one of the princesses shows up to tell a story to all the kids, and Stitch.  Stitch uses this incredibly cool technology where the computerized Stitch is displayed on the TV and can actually see and interact with the kids – if he’s taking questions he’ll say something like “How about that kid in the middle with the dark blue shirt” and is able to respond completely.  One kid shouted out that he wanted to go to space to experience anti-gravity, so Stitch “turned off” the gravity in his space ship and floated around for a bit.  It’s really cool and since there’s no set script, you never really know what’s going to happen.

On Friday, when we were anchored at Castaway Cay, our whole traditions group was taken on a tour of the island and then most of us had about 3 hours off before work, so we all went swimming (despite the rain and thunder –thanks a lot Hurricane Chantal).  I’d forgotten how fantastic the water in the Caribbean is! Stay tuned for some silly underwater pics.  Now that I’m working one-on-one with my trainer, I almost never see anyone from my traditions group anymore.  I still see the YA girls fairly often, if only in passing, but the other day I never even saw Mel and she’s my roommate!  So, it’s pretty exciting when I see someone like Christopher or Edil in the hall or mess.

However, it’s also been a sad week.  Alice decided to go home and left while we were docked in Port Canaveral on Saturday.  Alice is awesome, so I’m super bummed and sad that she’s gone.  I’m going to miss my Bachelorette buddy.

On a happier/funnier note, at the end of our last cruise, as we were closing the lab for the last night (around 12:30am), one of the girls that I had been playing with asked me to adopt her so that she could live on the ship forever.  Ummm thanks, but no thanks.  I’m not quite ready for that kind of commitment.  Plus, I don’t think Mel and I could literally fit a third person inside our room.

Alright, well my dinner break is almost over, so I’ve got to get back to work.  Until next time….eventually


(Melissa: On our current cruise there’s a girl from Azerbaijan!)


One thought on “4 Days = 3/4 Episode of Smallville

  1. Weird, for the past couple days I’ve been in an annoying state of semi-sick… so I’m going to go ahead and blame that on you. Can’t wait for the silly underwater pics – rents probably should have gotten you a lifeproof case too, eh?

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