Outside? Never heard of it.

This week we’ve been sailing to St. Maarten and St. Thomas, two very beautiful islands – at least, that’s what I’ve heard.  I’ve only been able to see them from the tiny little port holes in the space that we serve the kids lunch and dinner.  My trainer, Lexie, and I have been working the early morning shifts, where we open at 7am.  These shifts are actually pretty nice because you can sometimes be off by 6pm and have plenty of time during the night to relax, see a show (I FINALLY saw Lone Ranger last night), or go to the bar.  BUT, All Aboard is usually around 5:00pm – aka no shore time.   St. Thomas is also a great port because it’s a US Territory and therefore American cell phones work there! Too bad I didn’t get off work until we had already sailed away…

On a somewhat related note, I was having lunch with Christopher the other day and he was telling me that one of the French chefs that works at Remy (a reeeeally posh restaurant on the ship, where guests have to pay another $75/person to eat there!) once got off of the ship at St. Maarten (a French territory) with all of his luggage and just refused to go back.  And Disney couldn’t really do anything about it and had to hand over his passport and dissolve his contract because technically this guy was back in France and you can’t force someone out of their own country.  Hmm.

Anywhoozle, today was also the first time all us new hires got to participate in the crew-wide emergency drill.  Since YA staff members work with children, we are considered first responders on the ship and have a pretty extensive evacuation plan for all of our spaces.  During our practice drills guests are told to ignore all of the announcements, but the kids in our spaces still have to participate because organizing the kids into groups is a big part of our procedures.  Most of the kids are fine with this – you just tell them it’s like the fire drills that they have at school and then sit around in a circle playing a game.  Then, after the general alarm sounds, we go down to our life raft assembly stations (turns out Mel and I are the only girls at our assembly station…) and wait for the abandon ship alarm.  Next week my traditions group and I will be having our wet drill at Castaway Cay (this is where we get to jump in the water and practice deploying/flipping/getting into life rafts).  All of the training really makes me feel prepared for an emergency, and after watching a lovely documentary about the Costa Concordia sinking during safety training last week, it’s nice to know that Disney’s got their act together.

Check out some of the fun crafts that I’ve made this week!



Random fun fact that I learned recently: There are over 1,500 crew members on board, only 56 of them are American.

The more you know.


One thought on “Outside? Never heard of it.

  1. Sounds like you’re keeping pretty busy. Hope you’re feeling better too. Don’t feel bad about not getting outside more. We’ve not been out much either due to the excessive heat wave. We’re really enjoying your updates! Cheers!

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