Tidbits and Bulletpoints

–          Apparently applying two coats of SPF 70 means absolutely nothing to the Caribbean sun.  Today we had our Personal Survival Techniques class, which was super fun despite the sunburn.  We got to put on these giant immersion suits complete with big hulking boots to jump into the water and swim around with.  We also were taught the right way to jump into water while wearing a life jacket (*only if the height is less than 4m – never jump off of a cruise ship with your life jacket on. you will break your neck).  And then, finally, we had to flip over a life raft that had been turned upside down.  Now, when I say life raft, I’m not talking about some dingy, puny thing, I’m talking about a giant contraption meant to hold and feed over 40 people.  First, flipping the life raft over entails lots of embarrassing shimmying and jumping and pulling to get yourself up on top of it.  Then you and your partner have to grab the ropes and pull them so that the raft flips over on top of you, thrusting you back into the water.  Then you and your bulky life jacket have to swim out from underneath the raft and find the surface.  We were all pretty nervous about it.  However, all you need is to just find yourself a 6 foot something Frenchman to haul you up and you’re good to go. Then it’s a piece of cake.  Thanks Christopher.

–          My favorite kid on the ship is Adi.  He’s the son of the Chief Officer/Staff Captain, so his dad’s kind of a big deal.  He’s been here for two weeks already and he’s staying with us next week as well and he’s a sweatheart.  But there’s also Miles, who looks exactly like Jaden Smith, so he’s a close runner up.  And then there’s Kingston, who loves to just sit in my lap during the stage shows. What a cutie.

–          My Spanish is probably going to be awesome by the end of this contract (and by awesome I mean marginally better than my middle school proficiency).  There have been a ton of kids on this past cruise who speak only Spanish, so I’m slowly remembering things like “Water or Apple Juice? = Agua o Jugo de Manzana?”  But then there’s also a ton of Portuguese speakers and a couple French kids, and for them I’ve gotten really good telling them which other counselor they should go talk to.

–          Tonight I had a group meeting with our Manager of Youth Activities (the big cheese) to get to know us a little and we got to eat in one of the guest areas on deck 11 (it’s the deck with a bunch of pools and a stage for movies and parties).  It was glorious.  I never knew it was possible to be so excited about chicken tenders.

–          Best part of my uniform: the pockets! Mens’/Unisex pants are da bomb.  I was working in the craft studio this morning and I put a pair of scissors in my pocket (the little “child proof” ones – what does that even mean? Those guys are still capable of cutting off your finger, it’s just slower and more painful), and then totally forgot about them.  I didn’t remember they were there until it was 11:30pm and I was back in my room getting ready for bed.  In one pocket I had a pencil, and pen, those scissors, my schedule, a piece of gum, and a cough drop – I could barely feel any of it.  Disney Magic.

–          Tomorrow we’re back in America (Huzzah!) and I have a break between 11:30am-12:30pm.  Mayhaps you’ll be hearing from me…

–          Toodles.


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