Good Days and Bad Days

There are good days, when I realize that all of our Disney Princes are smokin’ hot.  And there are bad days, when I realize that all of our Disney Princes are gay.

There are good days, when a girl named Emma makes me three – count them, THREE – friendship bracelets.  And there are bad days, when I have to threaten to turn off the Wii three times – count them, THREE times – before the kids (pretend to) start behaving.

There are good days, when I’m with a group of kids that all know how to play Headbands correctly (That means not looking at your cards, Aiden).  And there are bad days, when someone spills half of a bottle of glitter glue all over the table.

There are good days, when we play a movie that I haven’t already seen a hundred times.  And there are bad days, when we play Lilo & Stitch 2. Again.

There are good days, when I can argue with John for over 30minutes about why The Packers are infinitely better than The Patriots.  And there are bad days, when Joshua comes crying to me every. single. time. he loses at Mario Kart claiming that the others are being mean and are beating him on purpose (um, duh! That’s exactly the point of the game, kiddo)

There are good days, when I meet a new character in the hallway (I didn’t even know Goofy’s son, Max, was on this ship until I found him waiting for the elevator two days ago!) And there are bad days, when we have to cancel Tinkerbell’s Talent Show until further notice because Tinkerbell had a nervous breakdown and flew back to Neverland…

And then there are great days, when Matt (a developmentally challenged 12 year old sweetheart) comes over as soon as he’s checked in just to give me a hug and tell me that he wants to be best friends, or when Austin finds me in the Wheelhouse to show me all the Mix ‘Ems that he’s done after I taught him how to combine characters two days ago, or when JR tells me “I’m coming back on another cruise in October – thank GOD you’ll still be here!”

It’s kids like these that make a lot of the stress and exhaustion worthwhile.  Because, there are good days, when I have a spare 30minutes to read my book that I’ve been plodding through for almost two months; and there are bad days, when I’ve only gotten 5 hours of sleep and I have an 11 hour shift ahead, and I can’t wear my shorts because the zipper is broken and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet because I’m always working during Costuming hours, and I only have a 30minute lunch break so I’m hungry and grumpy.

However, I realize that I have yet to give you a sense of what my day-to-day life is really like, so here is today’s schedule (keep in mind that this is actually a beautiful, beautiful schedule compared to what it can be some days):

9:30-10:00am                     Lab (playing ball games and stuff)
10:00-10:30am                   LWash (assisting with any potty accidents)
10:30-11:30am                   Lab
11:30am-12:00pm            LWash
12:00-1:00pm                     LUNCH BREAK
1:00-2:30pm                       Anyone Can Cook: Cookies
2:30-3:00pm                       Animator’s Studio
3:00-4:00pm                       Craft studio
4:00-6:00pm                       DINNER BREAK
6:00-6:30pm                        Lab
6:30-7:00pm                       Andy’s Room
7:00-7:30pm                       Wheelhouse  (the Wii and computer games)
7:30-8:30pm                       Stitch’s Adventure Squad
8:30-9:00pm                       Workshop
9:00-10:00pm                     Craft Studio
10:00-10:30pm                  Animator’s Studio

Tadaaa! And then Bed Time.

Snooze ya later.


I passed my test.

– Something super duper exciting happened yesterday: I got to be randomly selected for drug testing! And better yet, I passed with flying colors, hooray!

– Favorite Kid of the Week Award goes to (drum roll, please): Steven! Steven is 11 and is autistic/has mild cerebral palsy, and I absolutely love him. His favorite game is duck duck goose, but he loves any kind of group game. The other day he won a round of Tower Defender, and even though he only lasted a couple of throws as the Defender, he was so proud of himself and kept looking over at me, saying “Did you see me?!” I’m always so happy to see him come into the Lab, and I’ll be genuinely sad to see him leave at the end of the cruise tomorrow.

– Has anyone considered that Lilo may have a mental deficiency? She thought Stitch was a dog when she first saw him – a DOG! Stitch is blue and has six legs. What.

– Yesterday we had our Crew Assembly. Besides watching a beautifully put together “Disney is fantastic, you should be so proud to work for this company” video and learning more about the upcoming revamp of the Disney Magic, we had a very special ceremony. Our very own Captain Tom, whose been with Disney Cruise Line since its inception in1995, is now officially Commodore Tom, master of the entire Disney fleet. Unfortunately, this also means that Captain Mickey has been officially outranked. Sorry Mickey.

– Melissa, please buy Wii Mario Kart as soon as possible. It’s tortuous to watch idiotic kids play it all day and not be able to take part.

– Last night in the Crew Mess we were celebrating India’s Independence (I think…) which meant that basically everything involved Curry in some way except for the cake (I think…)

– This morning I officially received my Ears!!! Whoop whoop. Everyone in my Traditions group signed each other’s ears, so mine look super baller. You betcha I’ll be wearing them on the plane ride home (but for reals tho, probably not, that would look kinda weird)

Until next time. TTYL Continue reading

Buzzula, Staisy, and Cinderellex, oh my!

Surprisingly, drawing the same Disney characters over and over again when working in our Animator’s Studio can get a bit tiring.  Therefore, I have begun designing some beautiful new characters.  I present to you, The Hybrid Collection:

Disney Character Creations

…And my newest creation:


Also, just a heads up, this week is going to suck.  It all began with this past Saturday, when we had All Crew Immigration.  Every new and returning crew member must go through immigration, usually within the first two weeks of getting on board, in order to receive an I-95 card, which is a special document that allows them to go ashore in US ports.  And even though Americans don’t need an I-95, we still have to go through the entire immigration process.  Besides having to wake up early, immigration isn’t usually too bad because your group should only be made up of the new and returning crew members who have arrived that week.  However, on this past magical Saturday, every single crew member had to attend.  For YA staff, we were scheduled for 6:15am along with the entire dining, entertainment, and merchandise staff – this meant that I only got a little more than 4hrs of sleep after working past 1:30am the night before. Yay.

But now that All Crew Immigration is over, we had our All Crew Drill this morning, we’ll have an Assembly Drill tomorrow, and the Coast Guard is coming to visit on Saturday.  Who knew the Coast Guard could induce such panic!  The Coast Guard is coming aboard to conduct another, more simulated, fire drill.  They will actually place a smoke cannon (aka “the fire”) somewhere on the ship, and then the first crew member that finds it has to raise the alarm to begin the ship-wide drill.  Besides evaluating our entire drill process, they will also be inspecting every single crew member for proper attire/materials and then they will be quizzing random crew members about all the various safety features aboard the Fantasy (there are 16 life boats with a capacity of 270; there are 70 life rafts with a capacity of 39; Assembly Stations E and F are located in….blah blah blah).  Even some of the YA girls who have been working for multiple contracts are nervous about being interrogated, so it’s bound to be an exciting/stressful day.  The drill is going to take foreeeeeeeeverrrrr, so I probably won’t be able to get off the ship at all.  Hopefully I can call a few of you…

But on a much more exciting note – I finally received my Main Gate Pass! Hooray!!!!! Alrighty peeps, this means you’ve got to start planning your vacation time, because I’ve got some free tickets to Disney World and you’re all invited (in groups of 3, please)!

Peace out.

The Cookie Thieves

One of the programs that we host in the Oceaneer Lab is our Detective School.  There are several shows/activities throughout the week, including a 3-day long search for Captain Hook’s missing dress hook (spoiler, it was stolen by Dr. Facilier), and then Captain Hook and Smee show up on the last night to thank and congratulate us all.  Then we also have a couple of investigations with Goofy, my favorite of which is that of the Cookie Thief.  Before the show, one of the counselors scheduled on the program is selected to be the cookie thief, and then the kids learn about fingerprints and other clues to figure out who stole all the cookies on board.  Unfortunately for that lucky counselor, they get branded as the Cookie Thief for the rest of the cruise and kids will just start shouting at them “Cookie Thief! Cookie Thief!” whenever they see them.  Anywoozle, this past week we have been victim to real life cookie thieves, and their names are The Managers!… Ok, more background info: we also have a cooking program where the kids get to make their own chocolate chip cookies (and by “make” I mean they stir some ingredients together, dump them all into a giant bowl, and then we take them to a “magical oven” that will bake, cool, and package the cookies all in under 5 minutes.  There’s always a ton of cookies leftover, so we usually store them in a box in the managers’ office and then you can stop by anytime to enjoy yourself a cookie in the privacy of a room without watchful cameras.  Cue this weekend’s meeting: no more cookies.  Yup, apparently our newest manager has decided that allowing the counselors to eat the leftover cookies is unsanitary and not USPH (US Public Health –a big big big deal on board).  Womp womp.

So that’s the drama highlight (lowlight?) of the week so far.  However, I finally got to see the fireworks last night.  So, every week on Wednesday/Pirate Night, there’s a big stage show outside on Deck 11, which is then followed by some fireworks.  I’ve been working during the fireworks every week so far, so yesterday, when I was finished by 5pm (shwaaaaat?!) and didn’t know what in the world to do with myself, I spent a large part of the evening sitting in the adult-only lounge, grabbing a good spot for the show.  My pictures kinda suck, but here you go:


Hanging out with the old folks, trying to blend in as a guest


Oh, and happy belated Independence Day to Jamaica!  There was a “party” in the crew mess to celebrate, and all the food was actually pretty good – they even had milkshakes.  Did you hear me? I said milkshakes!!  It was pretty exciting, but it also created a sense of omg when is this gonna happen again? I’m just gonna have to stuff my face with as much of everything as I possibly can.  Combine that with only a 30 minute dinner break and the moment is kinda ruined, but oh well, I’ll hold on to the memories.

Do you ever hear the sound of high heels behind you in the hallway and immediately know that you are being followed by a princess? I do.  All the time.  It’s probably because they all live on the deck above me and we use the same stairwell…

America/Target/Starbucks, I’ll be seeing you in a couple days.  Stay awesome.

San Juan

In case you haven’t already heard, last week was pretty exciting because we got to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico!

I’ll try to give you guys a longer breakdown of what’s been happening around here, but until then, enjoy some pictures 🙂

DSCN0282 DSCN0305 DSCN0303 DSCN0296 DSCN0292 DSCN0291 DSCN0289 DSCN0318 DSCN0316 DSCN0311DSCN0328In the last picture, there’s me, Sophie (an Entertainment Host), Mariana, and Jessica