The Cookie Thieves

One of the programs that we host in the Oceaneer Lab is our Detective School.  There are several shows/activities throughout the week, including a 3-day long search for Captain Hook’s missing dress hook (spoiler, it was stolen by Dr. Facilier), and then Captain Hook and Smee show up on the last night to thank and congratulate us all.  Then we also have a couple of investigations with Goofy, my favorite of which is that of the Cookie Thief.  Before the show, one of the counselors scheduled on the program is selected to be the cookie thief, and then the kids learn about fingerprints and other clues to figure out who stole all the cookies on board.  Unfortunately for that lucky counselor, they get branded as the Cookie Thief for the rest of the cruise and kids will just start shouting at them “Cookie Thief! Cookie Thief!” whenever they see them.  Anywoozle, this past week we have been victim to real life cookie thieves, and their names are The Managers!… Ok, more background info: we also have a cooking program where the kids get to make their own chocolate chip cookies (and by “make” I mean they stir some ingredients together, dump them all into a giant bowl, and then we take them to a “magical oven” that will bake, cool, and package the cookies all in under 5 minutes.  There’s always a ton of cookies leftover, so we usually store them in a box in the managers’ office and then you can stop by anytime to enjoy yourself a cookie in the privacy of a room without watchful cameras.  Cue this weekend’s meeting: no more cookies.  Yup, apparently our newest manager has decided that allowing the counselors to eat the leftover cookies is unsanitary and not USPH (US Public Health –a big big big deal on board).  Womp womp.

So that’s the drama highlight (lowlight?) of the week so far.  However, I finally got to see the fireworks last night.  So, every week on Wednesday/Pirate Night, there’s a big stage show outside on Deck 11, which is then followed by some fireworks.  I’ve been working during the fireworks every week so far, so yesterday, when I was finished by 5pm (shwaaaaat?!) and didn’t know what in the world to do with myself, I spent a large part of the evening sitting in the adult-only lounge, grabbing a good spot for the show.  My pictures kinda suck, but here you go:


Hanging out with the old folks, trying to blend in as a guest


Oh, and happy belated Independence Day to Jamaica!  There was a “party” in the crew mess to celebrate, and all the food was actually pretty good – they even had milkshakes.  Did you hear me? I said milkshakes!!  It was pretty exciting, but it also created a sense of omg when is this gonna happen again? I’m just gonna have to stuff my face with as much of everything as I possibly can.  Combine that with only a 30 minute dinner break and the moment is kinda ruined, but oh well, I’ll hold on to the memories.

Do you ever hear the sound of high heels behind you in the hallway and immediately know that you are being followed by a princess? I do.  All the time.  It’s probably because they all live on the deck above me and we use the same stairwell…

America/Target/Starbucks, I’ll be seeing you in a couple days.  Stay awesome.


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