Buzzula, Staisy, and Cinderellex, oh my!

Surprisingly, drawing the same Disney characters over and over again when working in our Animator’s Studio can get a bit tiring.  Therefore, I have begun designing some beautiful new characters.  I present to you, The Hybrid Collection:

Disney Character Creations

…And my newest creation:


Also, just a heads up, this week is going to suck.  It all began with this past Saturday, when we had All Crew Immigration.  Every new and returning crew member must go through immigration, usually within the first two weeks of getting on board, in order to receive an I-95 card, which is a special document that allows them to go ashore in US ports.  And even though Americans don’t need an I-95, we still have to go through the entire immigration process.  Besides having to wake up early, immigration isn’t usually too bad because your group should only be made up of the new and returning crew members who have arrived that week.  However, on this past magical Saturday, every single crew member had to attend.  For YA staff, we were scheduled for 6:15am along with the entire dining, entertainment, and merchandise staff – this meant that I only got a little more than 4hrs of sleep after working past 1:30am the night before. Yay.

But now that All Crew Immigration is over, we had our All Crew Drill this morning, we’ll have an Assembly Drill tomorrow, and the Coast Guard is coming to visit on Saturday.  Who knew the Coast Guard could induce such panic!  The Coast Guard is coming aboard to conduct another, more simulated, fire drill.  They will actually place a smoke cannon (aka “the fire”) somewhere on the ship, and then the first crew member that finds it has to raise the alarm to begin the ship-wide drill.  Besides evaluating our entire drill process, they will also be inspecting every single crew member for proper attire/materials and then they will be quizzing random crew members about all the various safety features aboard the Fantasy (there are 16 life boats with a capacity of 270; there are 70 life rafts with a capacity of 39; Assembly Stations E and F are located in….blah blah blah).  Even some of the YA girls who have been working for multiple contracts are nervous about being interrogated, so it’s bound to be an exciting/stressful day.  The drill is going to take foreeeeeeeeverrrrr, so I probably won’t be able to get off the ship at all.  Hopefully I can call a few of you…

But on a much more exciting note – I finally received my Main Gate Pass! Hooray!!!!! Alrighty peeps, this means you’ve got to start planning your vacation time, because I’ve got some free tickets to Disney World and you’re all invited (in groups of 3, please)!

Peace out.


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