I passed my test.

– Something super duper exciting happened yesterday: I got to be randomly selected for drug testing! And better yet, I passed with flying colors, hooray!

– Favorite Kid of the Week Award goes to (drum roll, please): Steven! Steven is 11 and is autistic/has mild cerebral palsy, and I absolutely love him. His favorite game is duck duck goose, but he loves any kind of group game. The other day he won a round of Tower Defender, and even though he only lasted a couple of throws as the Defender, he was so proud of himself and kept looking over at me, saying “Did you see me?!” I’m always so happy to see him come into the Lab, and I’ll be genuinely sad to see him leave at the end of the cruise tomorrow.

– Has anyone considered that Lilo may have a mental deficiency? She thought Stitch was a dog when she first saw him – a DOG! Stitch is blue and has six legs. What.

– Yesterday we had our Crew Assembly. Besides watching a beautifully put together “Disney is fantastic, you should be so proud to work for this company” video and learning more about the upcoming revamp of the Disney Magic, we had a very special ceremony. Our very own Captain Tom, whose been with Disney Cruise Line since its inception in1995, is now officially Commodore Tom, master of the entire Disney fleet. Unfortunately, this also means that Captain Mickey has been officially outranked. Sorry Mickey.

– Melissa, please buy Wii Mario Kart as soon as possible. It’s tortuous to watch idiotic kids play it all day and not be able to take part.

– Last night in the Crew Mess we were celebrating India’s Independence (I think…) which meant that basically everything involved Curry in some way except for the cake (I think…)

– This morning I officially received my Ears!!! Whoop whoop. Everyone in my Traditions group signed each other’s ears, so mine look super baller. You betcha I’ll be wearing them on the plane ride home (but for reals tho, probably not, that would look kinda weird)

Until next time. TTYL


One thought on “I passed my test.

  1. I just want to let you know, that these blog posts are fantastic and I get super duper excited whenever I see a new one, you’re the best 😀

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