Joyful Joys are full of Joy

– By Saturday I will be halfway done with my contract – whoop whoop! Yup, just 9 weeks left until I’m back in the good old U.S. of A. And best of all, I should be staying home through Christmas!

– My vacation to Disney World is being booked-hurrah! (There’s an extra space/ticket for anyone who wants to join Nov 9th-Nov 11th…hit me up)

– I still have over half of the bag of tootsie pops that I bought over the weekend (quite an accomplishment).  Sadly, the sweedish fish have not begun spontaneously reproducing as I had hoped.

– I’m going to be bottom line (late start) for Castaway Cay on Friday, so that means I should be able to enjoy plenty of morning sun rays and beach chillaxing before work.

– Hangover 3 and Fast and Furious 6 have just been added to our Crew Movies list.

– There’s a ton of kids from NJ on the cruise this week – but it seems like they’re all from Bergen County.  Lame.

– Our Main Stage actors and Characters are all in the process of switching out with the new cast.  This means that not only are there a ton of lovely new faces on board, but also that we get to play the Guess that Character game during meals.  Although, some Characters are pretty easy to peg: for example, the really short guy who looks like Peter Pan, yup, he’s totally the new Peter Pan.

– FOOTBALL. HAS. STARTED. Go Pack Go/Whatever the OSU Buckeyes chant is. I’ve got football in my cabin, football in the crew mess, football in the Vibe lounge, football everywhere.  It’s beautiful and it feels like America.

And finally….Today, Jackson decided to poop in the middle of the floor.  I guess you can’t win them all.


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