What Am I Eating?

I have dessert every night.  Not because the desserts in the crew mess are particularly good, but more so for the sugar rush to get me through the end of the day.  Tonight was no exception.  However, tonight’s dessert was particularly exciting because it came with its very own game: “What Am I Eating?”

The cake looked edible.  There were plenty of people in the mess with a plate of it on their tray, so it must be good, right?  It looked like some kind of vanilla/chocolate mixture (marble cake, perhaps?), with pink icing on top (weird choice, but okay) and some coconut shavings thrown in (sweet, I love coconut!).  I grabbed a plate and returned to my table (naturally filled with other YA staff, because, you know, we can’t do anything without each other).  Upon closer inspection, I decided that this was most definitely not marble cake.  I was getting more confused by the second.  The “chocolate” part was both smooth and chunky – it’s very own enigma – but I was still pretty sure that the “vanilla” part was normal cake…I think.  Next to me, Trevor looked down at the pink mess on the plate and asked if it was any good.  “I don’t know; do you want to try some?” I offered.  “No, I only eat things that look appetizing.” Touché, sir.

I took my first bite with some trepidation. Yup, there was definitely some semblance of cake in there, but there was more.  Oh, so much more.

Every bite was an adventure – a journey of culinary discovery.  One minute I’d be crunching away on a walnut, and the next I’d taste the sweet tang of pineapple.  There was chocolate mousse, slices of apple from Sunday’s apple pie, lemon jello from last night’s desert, vanilla pudding from….a couple days ago.  It was fascinating and I ate every bite.

It’s nice to know that, even when you skip dessert some nights, you’ll still have the chance to try them again…all together…in one dish.

Now I remember why I usually stick to my staple: chocolate soft serve and cocoa krispies. Delicious.


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