Happy Halloween!

Yes, I am perfectly aware that it is still September, but Disney doesn’t care. Ain’t nobody got time for that (waiting 5 weeks, that is)! So I’m just gonna cut to the chase and tell you everything you’ve been dying to hear, and start off with COSTUMES:
In Youth Activities, everyone gets to wear a costume. The managers are vampires, entertainment hosts are cops and robbers, boy counselors are wizards, and we girl counselors get to be witches. Fabulous, fabulous witches. And by fabulous I mean we get to wear a plain t-shirt with a neckline made for a sailor (the stereotypical, Moby Dick kind), black pants that are 2 sizes too big, striped stockings, weird fishnet hand thingys (….), and a witch hat. My hat even comes with a bonus friend; a puff ball spider named Franklin. Unfortunately, Franklin only has 4 legs so he’s not a real spider, but he’s kind of sensitive about it, so don’t mention anything to him.

Just like on Pirate Night, the guests all get really into dressing up for our Halloween festivities. Some of them are incredibly elaborate. I saw one family where the mom was dressed in an old Victorian dress, done up with an awesome powdered wig and everything, while the dad was a fantastic gladiator. Their two kids – one boy and one girl – where also dressed up to exactly match their parents. However, the trending costumes for kids in the lab would have to be (drum roll please….) morph suits! One of the kids this week, Jack, was wearing a morph suit of a fancy shmancy tuxedo, where the head/face part was just white. I never heard Jack speak a word that night; he just snuck around behind other kids, trying to freak them out. It was awesome….and yet also incredibly really creepy.

At night, in the atrium, there’s a big Halloween party and costume contest for all the adults and families. Again, everyone gets super into it, so it’s cool to see all of the contestants. There was a woman dressed as Maleficent (she stayed in creepy scary character mode the whole time), a couple dressed as the Disney Fantasy smokestacks, and a super buff dude dressed as Bane from Batman. And of course, there were at least two giant groups dressed as the 101 Dalmatians as well as every Disney Prince/Princess couple. In fact, there were just enough Jasmines and Aladdins floating around that no one noticed when our real Aladdin showed up to casually enjoy the festivities. There he was, hanging out on Deck 5, two decks above the party, watching the action down below while being surrounded by kids and families on either side of him, and no one even took a second glance. I don’t know if he was either disappointed or proud of himself.


On a completely new and unrelated note, have I ever told you about where I live on this ship? I live forward, at the very front of the ship, right above the anchors and right behind our main Walt Disney Theater. This means that there is a lot of weird banging and rumbling noises happening throughout the day, and that the hallway down below is frequently filled with fog from the dry ice machines. Officially, I live on Deck 3A, in between 3 and 4, but according to the ship’s schematics this is actually Deck 41, but the room numbers begin with the number 8…so, basically, what I’m trying to say is… I live in Narnia.

Be jealous.


One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Sounds fun, but come on, you didn’t recognize Jack’s costume as the video game character Slender? Sounds like he played his role perfectly too, haha

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