In case you are unaware, I am finally home!!!  Yup, that’s right, I have officially finished my first contract working with Disney Cruise Line.  And after a fantastic week vacationing with the family (minus a sister) in Disney World, I am happily back in good old Jersey.

These last four and a half months have been amazing.  Not only did I get to visit some beautiful countries, but I met and got to work with some pretty fantastic people.  The job itself is a blast (we do get to play with kids all day, after all) but it’s the people you work, eat, and live with 24/7 that make the difference.  They’re the ones that you go on adventures with, the ones you celebrate with during the good times, and the ones that you lean on during the bad times.  So to all my wonderful Disney Fantasy friends: Thank you! You’re all awesome and I’m so excited to see you all when I get back!  And if you’re not going to be there when I get back…poo – you make me sad.

But switching from a ship to land also means that I no longer know how to properly function in a normal society – which is a good thing I guess, because right now I’m just sitting on the couch, drinking a glass of wine with absolutely zero plans for the rest of the day/week.  It’s beautiful.

You might be hearing from me during this awesomely deserved vacay…but I’ll probably be too busy sleeping, eating, and playing with my dog, Milo, to notice anything else.  So, yeah…

Snooze ya later!


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