Contract #Two!

After two (yeah, that’s right, TWO) trips to Disney World, a Hanson concert, a Bacon family-filled Thanksgiving, a North Carolina Christmas, and countless hours of HGTV, my vacation has finally come to an end and I am headed back to the sunny Caribbean aboard the Disney Fantasy.

In fact, if it weren’t for a certain blizzard causing all sorts of mischief, I would already be back at work.  Alas, my flight got canceled and now I get an extra weekend on land before I fly out to meet up with the ship in Grand Cayman.  Good thing too, because I didn’t do a very good job of packing this time around and could use the extra time…

But anyway, this next contract is probs gonna be totes weird.  New uniforms, new computer system, new hires I haven’t met yet, and even the possibility of new ports.  But there will also be some lovely faces missing from the Fantasy family, from those that will not be coming back or who have been transferred to other ships, and that will probably be the weirdest part of all.  To those of you gone, know that I already miss you.  To those of you still on board, know that I’m super excited to see you!!

My new years resolution (or at least the thought that just crossed my mind that I’m going to pretend has been an intentional resolution this whole time) is to keep this blog as updated as I can.  Hopefully as much as I did during my first contract. So, we’ll see how that goes.  Regardless, the next time we share another one of these lovely internet chats, I’ll be back hard at work in the middle of the ocean, and I’ll be able to share all sorts of delighting news, like whether I’m living in the ship’s ghetto or not! Oh boy, can’t you just feel the excitement?!?!

Until then…Stay classy, San Diego/World.


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