I’m a Poop Butt

Yup, I said it. 

I promised you all a blog, and I’ve delivered nothing.  Why? Was there some kind of crisis?  Did we lose all power/internet on board?  Was I somehow prevented from getting off the ship at any of our ports?  Sadly, the answer to all those questions is No.  I’m just incredibly lazy.  I literally have only pondered writing a blog post, tops, maybe twice in the last month.  Oh and yeah, that’s right, I’ve been back for a MONTH already!  Which seems insane.  How on earth has time gone so quickly?

Anyway, I’ve committed myself to providing you all at least a Picture of the Week post for the rest of my contract.  I should be capable of that, right?  Right?

Well, here’s the first one – and it’s a two-fer!

New Costumes!


Although, personally, I think we look a bit sloppy without our shirts tucked in, I must say, the sportier tops definitely better reflect the nature of our positions.  And the boob stripe isn’t nearly as awkward as I anticipated.  Hooray!

Welcome Line outfit!


This week I was finally selected to help represent Youth Activities on Welcome Line.  Welcome Line mostly consists of members of the Youth Activities, Cruise Staff, and Dinning departments, who get to all dress up in our fancy shmancy whites and greet all of our new passengers for the week.  You see, here with Disney, every single family is personally introduced upon embarkation, and are received with generous applause.  Concierge guests are even personally escorted to their own private lounge.  Ooh, la la!


Thanks for sticking around after all this time.  And to show you how much I appreciate all your support in this adventure, I have one more bonus picture for you all today:


Just because we can’t accept tips doesn’t mean we don’t get presents!


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