Help, I can’t find my dad – I’m lost!

Every other week, while we sail our eastern itinerary to St. Thomas and St. Maarten, we conduct a ship wide drill. Fire teams, evacuation teams, life raft teams; the works. We even go through all of our drill procedures here in the youth spaces before we get dismissed back to our own assembly stations (where we’ll sometimes go through all the abandon ship orders too). However, I was lucky enough to be selected for a special duty during this week’s drill. It all started the day before drill, when a mysterious 30 minutes worth of “SAFETY” was squeezed into my schedule. After much pondering, fantasizing, and theorizing, it was finally revealed that this was for a special meeting up on the bridge with the chief safety officers – that’s right, I got to go up to the bridge! The home of Captain Mickey! Albeit, our meeting was in a tiny little office in the interior of the bridge, lacking the killer view, but whatevs. The little nautical fan girls out there must be, like, soooooo jealous!

You see, the US Coast Guard is coming on board in a couple weeks to observe us, so it turns out that a couple of other YA counselors and I had been chosen to test our fellow crew members on how to deal with various scenarios during an emergency. I got to be a lost child. And although not everything went as smoothly as it should have, being lost was an awesome experience. Not only did I get to spend my first hour of work just walking around pretending to be a 5 year old with no clue as to what was going on, but I got to have another pow wow with the safety officers after the drill finished to give them our feedback. Nothing says I’m important like getting to criticize safety procedures to a room full of white uniforms, while standing next to an $80,000 navigation simulator.

But now whenever I run into the crew members that helped “find” me that morning, they still tease about whether or not I’m still lost. You win some, you lose some.

Also, today’s Worst Case Scenario tip concerned how to survive a dance marathon. Thank god for that. You see, working with children all day actually makes this a valid concern. Too bad “clutching your partner and swaying slowly” probably wouldn’t be considered good Disney Show…

Also, also, do you know what the cutest thing ever is? A service dog getting its picture taken with Pluto. Yup, that happened this week too. 🙂


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