Mooooooving on up! (Literally)

Guess what, ya’ll – I’m moving to Edge!

Just for a recap, there are technically 5 different youth spaces on the Disney Fantasy: there’s the It’s A Small World Nursery (up to 3 yrs), the Oceaneer Club (3-12, but designed for 3-7), the Oceaneer Lab (3-12, but designed for 7-12), Edge (11-14) and Vibe (14-17).  I spent my entire first contract in the Lab before moving to the Club, where I spent all of my second contract.  For the first 3 weeks of this third contract I’ve also been in the Club, but now I get to move!!!! Hooray!!!!

I’m super duper excited to be in Edge.  As much as I’ve grown to love my little toddlers, I’ve definitely missed my big kids.  You know, the ones that you can actually talk to rather than spend a solid 5 minutes just trying to understand the 3 words they’re trying to say… Oh, and I probably won’t have to listen to “Let It Go” 100 times a day anymore!!! I get to learn a new space, a bunch of new programs, and I’ll even occasionally be exempt from cabin inspection! So I’m sure to have lots of wonderful new stories to share.

Sooooo, it’s been real Oceaneer Club/Lab. I’m sure I’ll be down to visit every once in a while, but until then – See Ya Real Soon!


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