Taking It To The Edge!

Edge is awesome. Done.  After my first full week, it’s been everything that I hoped it would be and more.  The kids (our little Edgelings) have been fantastic this week – they’re not too cliquey, they’ve gotten super into Gender Wars, they’ve got some sick dance moves (as well as some crazy flexibility), and none of us have had to call anyone’s parents at all!!!!  I’m really enjoying seeing and learning more about the programs that Edge offers, and all my fellow counselors have been super helpful and supportive.

IMG_4081 IMG_4083

(The Edge Crew)

The biggest difference that I’m enjoying so far is that the kids know ME.  They know my NAME.  And it’s weird how weird that feels.  And it might just be me being vain, but, in this job, it is very very very satisfying being recognized.

One of our most popular programs in Edge is Gender Wars (which I just mentioned, but you probably didn’t know what I was talking about and you’re not here in person to butt in and ask, so….), which is an ongoing boy vs. girl competition that happens every night.  It almost always involves some sort of trivia (name that tune, family fued, etc), but pretty much any other activity can also be turned into a Gender Wars point.  For the final night, the last night of the cruise, we host “How Well Do You Know Your Counselors?”  It’s a lot of fun, quirky facts that they have to try to pair up with the right counselor (naturally, one of mine was “I’ve hand-raised baby seals”).  For the last round, the kids had to do impressions of all their counselors.  For the boys’ impression of me, Nicholas simply said “I love hockey and I’m awesome at Mario Kart. I’m basically a dude in a woman’s body.”  And while all the girls were outraged and offended on my behalf, I just couldn’t help but laugh, because they’re basically right.  The boys won that point easily.  And with that, the boys won Gender Wars for the week. Ha

Unfortunately, by the time Gender Wars ended last night, it was 11pm and my shift was ending, meaning that it was time for me to say goodnight and goodbye to everyone one last time.  And although I tried to bow out gracefully with a heartfelt speech, I ended being cut off and bum rushed into a giant group hug.  I could certainly feel the love – it fact, it nearly knocked me flat on the ground!  I’ll miss these kids.  They were the first group of Edgelings that I could call my own, and for that they will be hard to forget.

Can’t wait to see what this next cruise has to offer!


In other news, Castaway Cay is a freaking furnace.  How the hell do people actually live in these places year round?  How can anyone do anything during the day except lay down in the shade, completely still, and try not to die of heat exhaustion?  Even taking a Snapchat of my sunburned face seems to require too much energy. Ugh. When is summer over?

…Oh wait, never.


Side note: Melissa, if anyone asks, you’re getting married in December and I’m the maid of honor (duh), and that’s the reason why Disney should approve my contract extension request!


One thought on “Taking It To The Edge!

  1. Duh! His name is Mark and he is a lumberjack. We are opting for the winter wedding because there is so little snow here in Oregon and so we are headed back east to enjoy a winter fantasy wedding. Logic-ed!

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