Reunited and it feels so gooooood!

All good things must come to an end. And thus, it was with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to Edge last week.  It’s been nice knowing ya, but I had to move on, or down rather. Back down to the Oceaneer Lab (what up labbies, I’m baaaaack!). That’s right, and it’s all so that I could train my own very first new hire – Catie, you’re going to be great!

I’m really going to miss my little Edgelines. The kids, the space, the programs, the increased freedom and control, and even the added responsibility.  But I’ve also really enjoyed being back in the Lab so far (I’ve missed you, Gunter).  You know, in case you missed the entire beginning on this blog’s history, I spent my whole first contract in the Oceaneer Lab, and I had a blast.  It might still take me a while to get back into the Craft Room mindset, but I’m ready for the tissue paper and pom poms!

On a side note, I’m now addicted to beef jerky.  Thanks Oceans/Crew Mess, for scaring me off conventional meat choices.


7 weeks left!



As usual, I started strong with writing blog posts… and then I tanked.  I apologize.  But now I’ve got lots of news goodies to share!

But before I go any further, I would just like to point out that I have been back on board the Fantasy for 10 weeks, and not once have I touched foot in Jamaica yet… But hopefully that will soon change:  I now have a totally feasible plan of going on the Dunn’s River Fall excursion this week – what up, waterfall trek!

But anyway, amidst the blog post absence I have become an official Trainer! That’s right, as of two weeks ago I’ve now got even more responsibility – and people are supposed to listen to me too!  I have a certificate and a pin and everything.

But the excitement from that week doesn’t end there, oh no.  I then got to experience my first ever Red Parties (brownie points for whoever remembers what that code means).  Spoiler alert, “Red Parties” is code for a fire.  Yup.  It only lasted about 45minutes, and we never had to go to a General Alarm, but it was quite an adventure.  And the good news is, most of our department actually knows what to do in an emergency – hooray!  And for being so awesome, we were rewarded with donuts at our next team meeting.  Totally worth it.

Do you think that’s all that happened that week? Well, you’d be wrong.  Maybe only 2-3 hours after we recovered from our Red Parties (which caused a big chunk on the ship to lose air conditioning by the way, turning crew areas in saunas), we also got to rescue a stranded fisherman!  Naturally, being so close to Cuba at the time, most of us assumed it was a raft full of refugees that we were picking up, but that was not the case.  There was one man, on a tiny little life boat, who had sent out a distress signal from his fishing boat.  The Fantasy was the closest ship at the time, which meant that we turned around to pick the poor man up (who then got to enjoy the next couple of days confined to a stateroom with some surely delicious room service).  And I got to watch most of the drama unfold!  You see, one of the greatest advantages to working up in Edge is the view.  Our entire back wall is made up of windows, which overlook the front of the ship (well, there’s a big funnel in the way, which houses the spa, but you can see around the sides…so, close enough).  This means that we have a great view anytime a helicopter needs to land at the front of the ship, or, in this case, when we start circling a tiny little lifeboat. It was very exciting to watch, especially since we sent most of our kids out onto the deck to get a closer look and report back.

And last but not least, I’ve finally started planning my vacation!  Can you guess where I’m possibly going?  If you answered Disney World, you’d be absolutely correct! Just can’t get enough of that Mickey Mouse.  Come on down and join us, November 15th!


But anywhoozle, until next time. Later alligator.